Find out how we can help you with your data. Monitorboard provides and maintains insight into the developments within your organization, network or project. To achieve this, we use the most advanced, scientifically founded and state-of-the-art methods and techniques with which we are able to describe, test and, where possible, predict developments. We link various privately owned data sources which we expand with existing, public datasets and apply machine learning to them.

Monitorboard for the professional

In a knowledge economy, the chance of information overload or an information bubble is high. In order to create order in the chaos, but also to give a picture of reality as objectively as possible, it is necessary to give you insights that actually contribute to your work practice. As a professional you can use Monitorboard.nl to implement data-driven working in your own practice form.

Monitorboard for the organization

For an organisation, participation in the research programme and therefore in monitorboard.nl means that data-driven work is implemented in a responsible manner. Data-driven working has an impact on the structure of organisations, on the competencies that are required and provides opportunities for setting up current, but often also new, services.

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How does it work?

You may already be aware of the enormous potential of data that your organization collects or that is generated within a project. But you are not immediately able to cash in on this potential gold. Monitorboard offers an advanced solution for processing, visualizing and analyzing all kinds of data. Before Monitorboard can do its work, a number of steps have to be completed.

  1. What are the most pressing questions that can be answered with data?
  2. Which data are we going to use and how can we link this data?
  3. By linking this data, we are able to formulate answers by means of clear, attractive dashboards. In these dashboards statistics and visualisation come together in a simple way, so that the dashboards are always understandable and usable.